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System Integration Services

Systems Integration is extremely important in today’s competitive business environment. Integrating client/server, Internet, intranet and extranet and new innovation from time. For this, multidisciplinary skills and approaches and excellent professional skills are required. (Systems integrators today are called upon to seamlessly integrate legacy systems along with the latest technologies, and demonstrate clear business benefits as a result of their work.) 

LasComp has been implementing Systems and Networking Integration for the last six years. (Our close ties to most of the major manufacturers ensure that LasComp is able to offer support for both the legacy systems, as well as the latest in Internet and Client/Server technologies.) If your Systems Integration requirements involve a highly complex system, and if you are looking for a System Integrator that can partner with your organization, and complete projects on budget and schedule, please give us a call, and let us see how LasComp can help you achieve your business objectives. 

Technological innovation has been playing a key role in today’s business environment. No matter how big or small is a business, integrating it with technology is imminent. Without utilizing the power of technology, it is almost impossible to achieve business objectives. LasComp has the capability to integrate your business strategies with modern technology.

Our Approach

We specialize in a specialized approaches to business change and technology innovation. First, we listen to – and understand – your unique set of conditions before we design, plan, build and even run the complex systems you need to achieve market success.

Through a powerful blend of management and technical expertise combined with deep industry knowledge, we collaborate with your business and technology leadership teams to define business architectures and processes, and implement the systems and applications that deliver added value to your business.)

Our proven legacy of business process and operational excellence enables us to provide you with functional knowledge and hands-on expertise to streamline your operations with the help of technology. We also recognize the importance of providing your people with the comprehensive training and ongoing support they will need to maintain success.

Using our state-of-the-art knowledge environment, we leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our employees, in order to create the most innovative solutions for our clients.

Our Systems Integration Capabilities

The breadth and scope of our systems integration capabilities enable us to minimize your risk, maximize your technology investment and deliver the best total systems integration services and solutions suited to your unique business needs.

Experienced consultants focus on delivering business results and performance improvement by bringing complex technologies together to maximize compatibility, interoperability, and enterprise-wide information management.

Our flexible and seamless systems integration capabilities include:

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