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Legacy Modernization​

LasComp offers complete end-to-end legacy modernization solutions that encompass the following:

Legacy Maintenance

LasComp understands the issues associated with companies’ expensive valuable resources for maintaining and supporting legacy applications. LasComp has established an offshore infrastructure with a highly skilled team to take on Legacy software maintenance at a substantial cost benefit to customers. LasComp follows a comprehensive methodology for the same. The services include LasComp support and on-site support. LasComp ensures these services through efficient management of interfaces (co-ordination), predictable and defect-free product delivery, retention of business and functional knowledge, senior management commitment, varied skill sets, training capability, multi-location presence, wide recruitment network, large internal talent pool, delivery model maintenance, process maturity and infrastructure.

Legacy Re-engineering

The expanding and evolving business today has taken a new dimension with the advancement of technology. With the change of market dynamics, business houses are diversifying and globalization which also requires internationalization and localization of software systems. In order to support such endeavors, legacy systems also need to adapt to the new business challenges. Re-engineering of legacy systems is inevitable to suit the current business environment. On the other hand, it is the legacy systems that are continuously serving gigantic business houses with the embedded core business rules. Therefore, the legacy systems need re-engineering to retain the core business rules and adapt the new business practices. LasComp is committed to serving business corporate using its unique modernization approach and expertise by re-engineering legacy systems to cutting-edge technologies.

Legacy Web-enablement

Legacy assets–Business Rules, Process Flow, User Interfaces become worthier in the world of business when Web-enabled. LasComp’s rich experience in major business sectors like supply chain, manufacturing, insurance, banking, government, transportation, telecommunications, media, e-business, etc. helps provide the best analytical and technical expertise to develop suitable solutions for business needs. LasComp Web-enables monolithic software applications into flexible, scalable, reliable, user-friendly, integrated business systems that are deployed and maintained on the Web using cutting-edge technologies. LasComp also integrates existing e-business applications with legacy environments thus presenting a single, Web-enabled interface to the customer maintaining reliability and security.

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