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Hareware Solutions

In terms of hardware solutions, providing network support and maintenance is our main practice. Our sophisticated systems and network business practice helps organizations implement, architect, design, and manage their multi-vendor enterprise wide network and systems infrastructure.


 The personnel of our firm consist of vigorous and motivated individuals who have graduated from or are currently studying among the best universities in the USA. We also like to offer positions to students who have shown extraordinary capabilities and achievements during their time of study.

This undertaking has been proven by LasComp to be very successful because it lowers not only our cost but our client’s cost as well. LasComp also has a branch in Bangladesh. This location is a big asset to us because we can utilize many students from Bangladesh, as well as India and Pakistan, for our software development needs. For any student, graduate or working professional, they have to pass challenging recruitment tests and extensive interviews. Since we o er training as well, programmers and administrators are offered many opportunities in improving their skills and growth in their careers. LasComp realizes that an employee of the rm is the most valuable asset. We are here to not only provide a quality team but also quality service.

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