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Company Information

LasComp is an innovative, creative and responsive organization geared and dedicated to the provision of high quality software solutions for the real IT world and advances them in it. We want to take LasComp to the next level. LasComp’s Consulting team has been carefully screened, qualified and diligently schooled for the software and hardware project management arena. We cautiously select the most proficient candidate to design and implement the clients’ software needs. We offer cost-effective consulting services, system programming, software testing, analysis and other areas of technical expertise that are necessary to achieve and complete various goals and procedure-oriented projects. At LasComp Consulting, we work closely with our customers to plan and outline the work, and then subsequently execute to get the project done promptly and within a specified budget. Our commitment is to deliver technological achievement to our clients, implementing the use of new quality and financial processes in order to assure lucrative results. With our efficiency, they achieve success.

LasComp’s professional services are divided into following areas:

The other important division of LasComp is IT Training Camps. LasComp’s training is geared towards providing, guiding and improving the skills of our students with the goal of filling the position that achieves their career-oriented goals. In the present competitive technological workplace, earning a degree is not the sole requirement. Companies today are increasingly more interested in seeking candidates with the skills that will achieve their targeted ends within a short frame of time. LasComp has carefully explored and analyzed the precise needs of these companies and communicates with them in order to update their required skills. We offer a multitude of courses and programs that complete the objective for career advancement.

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