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This course focuses on skills required to excel in the web design industry. Courses taught include HTML, CSS and JavaScript / JQuery for extensive web page layout, interactivity and functionality. Students will also learn MySQL programming and database design so they can create powerful database-driven web sites. This course also includes training in graphic design and visual web page design, which is necessary to create professional and attractive web sites. Software studied includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe ColdFusion. Students will work on a real web project from start to finish during the entire course for hands-on knowledge. This provides students with the understanding and experience of creating a web site from start to finish. Students taking this course are required to have general computer working experience with application software, as well as significant experience with the Internet and related concepts. Once students complete this course and pass a technical exam (which covers the programming lessons), and a design exam (which covers all of the designing programs taught), they will become a LasComp Certified Web Designer (LCWD).


This web design program required Class & Project total hours 132 & additional minimum 188 hours lab works.